Linky Things: 01/13 - Indian Disney Princesses, Ghibli Film Foods, and Food Illustrations

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[Alright, this isn't even in the realm of late on Friday Things, so let's have some almost mid-week linky things today. Things have just been hectic - whoops.]

On Books and Comics:

I'm not one way or another about Elizabeth Gilbert but I love this cover reveal video for her next book.

New book coming out by First Second, and it looks great. It's called Dragons Beware! and it's being released in May. This book is part of a series. I've never read any of it, but I want to now.

On Disney:

e.l.f. came out with a Jasmine-themed beauty collection. Get it at Walgreens in stores or online.

A pal of mine brought my attention to this great documentary of four artists who worked on Sleeping Beauty and how different their takes are on a single tree.

AMRIT Photography is working on a Disney Project involving capturing Disney Princesses in Indian style. The series is called Once Upon a Bride, and it's stunning.

On Film:

Charlize Theron found out that her male co-star in an upcoming film is being paid more than she is, and she wasn't having it. Successfully renegotiated for equal pay. LOVE.

This video is super long, but someone went and recreated 47 foods based on Ghibli films and it's super impressive.

Stuff I wrote here and there:

On Panels: 6 Side Characters In Comics Whose Stories Should Be Told.

On Panels: The First Ant-Man Teaser Is Out and I have Questions (also: do read the comments, they're awesome)

On Tomopop: Toy Review: ArtFX+ Arkham City Batman (also, shameless plug/reminder I posted a hi-res, clean gallery of my photos on this site as well.

On Panels: Art Roundup: Character Spotlight on Riddler.


10 Great Adventure Trips That Give Back published on NatGeo is about making your dollars count when you travel. Not in the frugal sense, but in the "support locals" and ecotourism and saving forests and stuff.

Gorgeous illustrations styled with food by Anna Keville Joyce. (h/t BoingBoing)

Sir Ian McKellen is beyond adorable in this George Ezra music video.

[See you soon with more links]